From passion to responsibility with MFN!

I was not aware of issues in Nepal’s public healthcare sector, until I visited many places after the devastating earthquake for relief work. I felt helpless seeing the condition of people who relied on the government’s free health program. There are areas that bother me the most – death of mothers during delivery, health and sanitation conditions, infant deaths. I wanted to do something for them but I was not very sure on how and where to start.

After getting to know about Medication for Nepal (MFN) and its cause, I did not think twice about becoming a part of the team to help. Being a part of MFN has allowed me to connect to the community. Dedicating my time as a volunteer has helped me make new friends, expand my network, boosted my social skills, and I have developed an interest in medical field and more importantly, I have learnt to manage my time. I became aware of our government’s free drug distribution in public health posts policy and how bad the condition is in remote places such as Humla, Darchula, Jajarkot. Humla had an unusual case of “cough and cold” due to which more than 20 people lost their lives. Locals protested about the medicine stock outs, no availability of doctors and shortage of food. In most cases, for people in rural Nepal, even if the medicines are available in the private channel, people are not able to pay for the medicines. I have learned about the difficulties rural Nepal faces and it has made me work harder. I am more determined to be the change agent and make a change in the health sector.

We vote in elections once in many years, but when we volunteer, we are voting every day to create the kind of community we want to live in. I do not see MFN as a project — I feel it is my responsibility and my passion towards serving my nation. It reminds me how privileged I have been. I have been given so much in life and MFN leads me to believe that it is important to give as well. It makes me really proud when we help and when I create awareness among my friends about the health care sector of Nepal. I am very happy that I am a part of MFN and am very proud of the work I have done.

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