Welcome to Medication for Nepal!

Medication for Nepal has been one of the most rewarding initiative to work and build. What started off as an informal initiative during the unofficial blockade by India, has taken deeper roots. After working in the sector for few months, the condition of health care sector in Nepal has been an appalling discovery despite millions of dollar that is being pumped in the sector. Without broader community engagement, to ensure each Nepali is aware of their rights and duties in the government health sector, it is unfathomable to imagine an improved healthcare delivery holistically. Nepal does have real barriers that prevent a good care system in Nepal though. One of them being the unavailability of medicines to the very poor people in the remote areas of Nepal.  

Along with other volunteers of Medication for Nepal, we are on the quest to ensure drug shortages news become a mainstream topic of discussion and that they do not get relegated to back pages. We work to reduce the shortages by supporting the districts with donated medications.

Thus far we have been able to support 15 districts with over 9.5 tons of drugs. The response from the District Health Officers and local media have been overwhelming, and we are motivated to work even more. Please see one of the testimonials from Dr. Sarad Baral, District Health Officer of Accham, one of the districts we supported -> 

Dr. Sharad Baral Testimony


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