Why MFN ?

My friend Gopal looked serious. He said with a look of concern in his face, “Dai, we have to do something about the healthcare sector of Nepal. It is worse than you can imagine”

The conversation that followed was all about the health sector of Nepal. 28 people had died in Humla merely because of common cold. The health posts in the remote hills were out of medicines and the unofficial blockade of India had made it worse. The small amount of medicine the Government provides, which ought to be distributed for free, were not being available to the poor people who relied on those medicines. People in remote areas have to walk kilometers in search of a health post where the certainty of getting medicines is not guaranteed. These facts would have been unknown to me and Gopal if it was not for Medication for Nepal (MFN). As soon as Gopal mentioned about MFN, a peer-to-peer platform that is working to eradicate the statistics of deaths due to unavailability of medicines, and solve the problems concerning healthcare sector of Nepal, I made a firm decision to join the project the very next day.

My concern for the underprivileged, the sick, the poor, the ‘outcasts’ had only allowed me to buy pieces of doughnuts and buns for the street children and homeless people until I joined MFN. I now have found a platform where my concerns are transformed into actions, that brings change at a bigger scale. Through MFN, I have been able put forward ideas and opinions that would ultimately contribute to save lives. The wonderful and determined people I have met here have been an inspiration for me. MFN has not just broadened my horizon of knowledge on the health condition of Nepal, but also taught me to become the kind of individual a developing country like Nepal needs. It is our responsibility to solve the issues our country has been dealing with for a long time – one of which is the distressed healthcare sector. Volunteering at MFN has made me realize that we are working to make every corner of Nepal a livable place where none of the citizens are denied their basic human right – Basic Health Care.

So far, MFN has been able to supply 9.5 tons of medicines to the hard-to-reach areas of Nepal. MFN was a participant in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, 2016 and has gained recognition at an international level. I never knew that just one conversation with my friend would make me a part of such a big and thoughtful platform – Medication for Nepal. The very objective of MFN – to make sure every citizen has access to proper healthcare facilities, intertwines perfectly with my concern for the difficult condition of remote areas of Nepal.  This experience has driven me to keep digging deeper for informations about the healthcare sector of Nepal and resolve the problems with the help and guidance of the amazing MFN team.

Welcome to Medication for Nepal!

Medication for Nepal has been one of the most rewarding initiative to work and build. What started off as an informal initiative during the unofficial blockade by India, has taken deeper roots. After working in the sector for few months, the condition of health care sector in Nepal has been an appalling discovery despite millions of dollar that is being pumped in the sector. Without broader community engagement, to ensure each Nepali is aware of their rights and duties in the government health sector, it is unfathomable to imagine an improved healthcare delivery holistically. Nepal does have real barriers that prevent a good care system in Nepal though. One of them being the unavailability of medicines to the very poor people in the remote areas of Nepal.  

Along with other volunteers of Medication for Nepal, we are on the quest to ensure drug shortages news become a mainstream topic of discussion and that they do not get relegated to back pages. We work to reduce the shortages by supporting the districts with donated medications.

Thus far we have been able to support 15 districts with over 9.5 tons of drugs. The response from the District Health Officers and local media have been overwhelming, and we are motivated to work even more. Please see one of the testimonials from Dr. Sarad Baral, District Health Officer of Accham, one of the districts we supported -> 

Dr. Sharad Baral Testimony


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