The Change agents-MFN’s Student Ambassadors Orientation successfully held

2MFN has launched Student Ambassador Programme to start engaging the most creative sector of the society to think about how they can be involved to strengthen the public healthcare system of Nepal. It starts with learning about health rights, how to access them and then finally how to creatively disseminate. But it doesn’t stop here. MFN’s ambassadors are the torch bearers of discussion of Nepal’s health policies and their active engagement now will ensure better implementation of such policies.

6The Ambassador Programme addresses to high school and college students who are willing to take initiative to share their knowledge about health rights among their peers and at their respective schools/colleges. To ensure this process MFN encourages their Ambassadors to work closely with their school’s or college’s administration. From MFN’s perspective knowing our health rights is the first step in accessing them. Claiming our health rights can provide the basis for further development/improvement of the dysfunctional healthcare system of Nepal.

The new ambassadors already have great plans and their personal roles to support the health agenda of MFN.We look forward to working with each one of them and making sure we as a society come together to support public health care system and let everyone realize health is an investment not an expenditure